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  • Description Welcome to Renault South Africa official website. Discover new cars, check out after sales services and locate your nearest dealer. Renault - Passion for life.
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    justjulles's Review on Posted on 05/10/2011
    Very dissapointed and dissatisfied Customer
    I am writing here because I am one very unhappy Renault customer...
    I purchased a brand new Sandero Cup from Renault Durbanvile in January 2011, two weeks ago we had our first rain in the Cape and low and behold I get into my brand new car and see that the ceiling above the steering is wet as well as the carpeting under the steering. I was totally shocked now I understood the strange odor in my car from day one. .. no new car smell for me
    Their solution: they offered me a brand new car to replace the one I bought BUT I must pay in a further R8000.00 or they will fix it and hand my smelly car back to me.. Why?? I ask... I did nothing wrong? Well other than buy a Renault that is. Why must I pay for something that is entirely their fault, their shoddy workmanship? Should Renault not stand up for its reputation? They should give me a brand new non leaking car because that is what I thought I was buying in the first place. I understand it will come at a cost to them, but this is their fault not mine, I paid my R15000.00 deposit and unbeknown to me I was purchasing an inferior product.
    Renault has now had my car for two weeks; they found that the front windscreen did not have a seal. They have also since then found that they needed to replace the clutch and also the flywheel… my car is not even 3 months old yet…
    Renault South Africa, come to the party and do the right thing here. Trust me an unhappy customer you do not want…. As I feel now, I deeply regret ever stepping foot into a Renault dealership. Never again.

    Julia Elliott

    My last letter to
    Thato Macdiva
    Customer Relations Manager KZN & CPT Region - Renault South Africa

    Good morning Thato,

    I understand deleting my comments and blocking me from your FB site was necessary for your company.. But the bad experience I have had will not go away nor will it not be heard .. My total disillusionment with Renault will be made known ... No one deserves to go through what I have when buying a brand new car ... You know that and you would also be as unhappy as I am now if it was you personally, cars don't come cheap.. And that is why we the consumer expect quality .. Not inferior vehicles

    It has been 15 days now without my car .. Hoping to get it back this week .. This was not what I visualised when I bought my brand new car .. Sadly a very dissatisfied and disappointed client ..

    Julia Elliott

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