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  • Description Reliable hosting with a stable network and round-the-clock support, we ensure that your website stays up, stays fast and stays supported.
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    erichv's Review on Posted on 12/22/2008
    No Review is a Good Review
    Due to tightening of the Co I work for's own networks and infrastructure, I had to go look elsewhere for the previously free DNS, Mail and Website hosting for the 11 odd domains I had running without breaking the bank.

    I use Telkom ADSL at home so the obvious choice was Telkom but what chaos! Lesson cost me a week+ downtime and less than R1k.

    Heard of Hetzner before, they are in Durbanville so they must be some good? (Thawte started here!)

    Moved the 2 domains I already moved to Telkom without too much fuss and then the other's as well. Most of them was the cheapest option but one needed a bit space and another, a lot more space.

    Everything went (is still going) like a dream. Biggest site is Cape MG Car club and due to its traffic costs less than a R100 per month, has a database option which allowed me to install phpBB - also - as if they were made for each other!

    So to be fair, I need to nitpick in case you wonder why Hetzner is not rated as #1 !

    Their helpdesk suffers from all helpdesks (make it all businesses) in SA in that the expertise is quite limited. I am trying to get them to block a bit of spam to my domains - the sender is always random and the title is variations of a subject line. I am giving up! (Correspondence available)

    They have Data centres built to world standards but they lost their generator at their Gallo Manor Data Centre for many hours a few week-ends ago and are still to answer my simple question: "What have you done so this does not happen again?" (Correspondence available)

    BUT otherwise - really a pleasure to deal with them!!! I will recommend them at any time. (from their maps to their Data Centres - seems they are hosted by UUNet or whatever they are named these days.)

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