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  • Description Cash Crusaders. Your favourite place to buy, sell or lend. Buy New and Secondhand. Sell Pawn your goods in store or via WhatsApp.
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  • Rating 5/5
    Reviews101's Review on Posted on 06/01/2011
    Dj Equipment - Cash Crusaders
    You probably heard or read about the Cash Crusaders Dj Apprentice competition, well I would have loved to enter but I don't have Dj equipment, I love to Dj but I do it with my laptop or PC. So I decided to look around for Dj equipment that isn’t too expensive since my budget is a bit tight. So I remembered about Cash Crusaders, that they don’t just sell used/second hand goods but new goods as well, especially Dj Equipment. So I went onto their website and took look around and saw quite nice Dj equipment for not too crazy prices. Another thing is that they offer credit purchases, so I can pay off with monthly instalments. GREAT stuff!
  • Rating 5/5
    Business_Lifestyle's Review on Posted on 04/18/2011
    Cash Crusaders | Second Hand Games
    Remember next time you want to buy yourself a game for your PC, Playstation, Wii or Xbox, first visit a Cash Crusaders near you and look if they don't have a second hand game you are looking for and SAVE! You only play a game once why waste money. You can also sell your games at Cash Crusaders.

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